Hi! I’m Max, a JavaScript developer specializing in Node, React, React Native and Electron. I also do other related things, in fact of all the tools and frameworks I work with, but those 4 are my main focus.

I specialize in building scalable full stack aplications and have been doing it since Node v0.10.2, which is 6 years at this point. First and foremost I like building new exciting stuff. This is partially the motivation behind my Open Source work (like my Web Components library or futuristic build system for Node web apps).

I can handle full scope of your project from UI to dev work to deployment and infrastructure. With probably the exception of database administration. But with regards to everything else, let me know what your project is and let’s get it done!

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React is a JavaScript UI library created by Facebook to facilitate the creation of interactive, stateful & reusable UI components.

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